MA & PARTNERS is a professional network of Chartered Accountants, Statutory Auditors, Lawyers and Labour Consultants that can handle the main corporate functions from accounting to preparation of payslips or ensuring compliance with Health & Safety regulations at work, in a fast, simple, and technologically advanced way.

We constantly monitor changes in regulations ensuring non-stop updates, concentrating on concessions and incentives in tax and social security contributions, operating always with professionalism, flexibility and affordability, in line with real needs, including online/distance services, or support in the event of staff shortages or to meet temporary demand.

There is an option to enter monthly data directly on a wizard-driven website to prepare the accounts or process payslips and deal with the required paperwork, whether monthly or annual, or to let one of our staff members handle everything.

In addition, it is possible to provide a web area for each company, employee or associate, to publish and share their own documents (declarations, financial and income statements, payslips, communications, circulars, info), saving both time and paper.

With MA & PARTNERS the benefits are many: optimizing processes and improving governance, leaving you free to focus on your business and services with higher added value and a reduction in costs when it comes to human resources and software.

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Online accounting and payslips

Consulenza e adempimenti  in materia di sicurezza sul lavoro

Visite mediche preassuntive, corsi di formazione...

Assistenza in processi di esternalizzazione del personale

Le nostre attività di consulenza nell’ambito dell’organizzazione...

Gestione del personale all' estero (expatriates)

Le implicazioni fiscali, giuslavoristiche, e contributive connesse....

Servizi per l’ internazionalizzazione

Costituzione di società all’estero e incarichi due diligence e...

Mail alert service and newsletter
Staff cost simulations
Access to data via IT platform
Continuing assistance with dedicated labour consultant, single interlocutor
Flexible, reasonable rates
Timely feedback, prompt professional advice
Use of first-rate payroll software
Show Business
Construction Industry
Commerce and Services
Public Sector
Maritime Work
Night Clubs
Sports Work
Work in agriculture